Company Policy

Our corporate policy describes the principles, mission statements and guidelines of our daily activities and is derived from the goals we set ourselves year after year. In this way, an integrated management system (IMS) with the areas of quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety has developed. As a symbiosis of the company's history and our plans for the future, it should support our strategic orientation and inform customers, suppliers and the public.

The introduced regulations and specifications as well as supplementary instructions are binding for all employees. We thereby confirm our claim to customer orientation and quality capability as well as the continuous improvement of our integrated management system. Global competitiveness, cooperation, quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety are the basis for the further development and future of our company. These aspects are also reflected in the requirements of our suppliers and partners. Compliance with legal and official and beyond our own specifications and guidelines is a matter of course for us.

Quality Policy

In accordance with our corporate policy, the processes are geared towards the objective of supplying all customers with products that meet the quality requirements they demand. This is the most important prerequisite for a long-term corporate success. All employees must perform the tasks assigned to them with the necessary specialist knowledge. This is based on our highly qualified and highly motivated employees, accompanied by a forward-looking personnel policy and a positive corporate culture.

Our actions are based on the objectives:

  • the highest possible quality according to customer requirements,
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and positioning as the preferred partner of our customers,
  • securing and expanding the competitive position,
  • early identification and assessment of potential risks and opportunities and, if necessary, initiation of necessary measures,
  • error prevention and error prevention in all areas to reduce possible error costs.

Environmental Policy

We actively contribute to environmental protection, e.g. through the environmentally sound use of materials, the environmentally sound disposal of consumables and compliance with the relevant legal requirements, regulations and other environmentally relevant requirements.

We are continuing our efforts with regard to:

  • reduction of hazardous substances (production and maintenance lubricants) and recyclable materials (eg chips made of various metals, paper / cardboard, oily wastes, wastewater, emulsions), emissions (heating and natural gas plants) used in the company,
  • conservation of resources (electricity, gas, water),
  • minimizing risk potential for possible disruptions.

The premise of all measures is the constant improvement of our environmental performance with the aim of a continuous reduction up to the avoidance of environmental pollution.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy (H & S)

The foundations are European and national laws, regulations, rules and standards. We attach great importance to comprehensive occupational safety and occupational health and safety management.

Employees have access to suitable equipment and facilities, accompanied by a large number of organizational preventive and protective measures. Above all, it is important to have a process design that avoids endangering the employees and promotes their health. We are committed to the goal of continuously improving the health and safety performance. This includes regulations and behavior for potential emergencies.

From these guidelines, we derive the following principles of action:

  • education and training of our employees,
  • measures to promote and maintain the health of our employees,
  • continuous improvement of plant and work safety as well as health protection,
  • safe handling of products and residues, minimization of material and energy consumption as well as emissions and waste quantities,
  • adoption of our standards for quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety by our suppliers,
  • open and continuous dialogue with our employees, customers and suppliers as well as with authorities and neighbors to promote mutual trust and a partnership.

Status: September 2019

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